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Make Your Brand Visible!


Thousands of websites around the world are working to make your brand known to your target market via ReklamStore Display. No matter where your customer is, your brand will be in sight.

Premium Traffic

We know how important is to reach the right people. You can choose the one with the most appropriate target audience for your brand from the most premium websites.

Advanced Targeting

Only your target market see your ads with the detailed targeting options offered by ReklamStore. So, you can easily attract the attention of users without spending your budget on irrelevant people.


It’s easy to take the users who have visited your website at least once back to your website by showing your products and services again while they are searching on Google or surfing on our publisher pool.

Create a display campaign now!

Our digital advertising experts will be glad to guide you on your display advertising campaign management and monitoring the performance of the campaigns.

Why choose us in your display ads?

Direct Publishers

Premium publishers are waiting to work with you in the publisher pool of ReklamStore Display. Our team of experts are ready for supporting you if you need help to choose the right publisher for your brand.


Through our Performance Platform, you’ll be able to reach the users you need. We provide access to more than 300 supply partners.


Our data – driven technology platform offers programmatic, optimisation, analytics and campaign management tools enriched with extensive data analysis and market intelligence.


We believe better always can be done. Therefore, you can track and report your campaigns simultaneously to optimize your campaign and use your budget more efficiently even if the campaign is still going on.


Our account managers are your personal performance advertising consultants, managing your campaign budget, media plan and campaign management to ensure that we achieve your goals.

Explore Ad Formats

We offer the full range of IAB standard ad formats, as well as high-impact innovated ad formats.


Attract Your Audience on Mobile!

Reach over hundreds of mobile apps and campaigns for your brand.
Cost Per Install (CPI) Campaigns

We provide offers that pay based on a Cost Per Install model. It’s a big opportunity for app developers, mobile media buyers and affiliates to make money promoting apps or games.

Reach Your Audience On Mobile

Our self-serve mobile ad network enables clients to purchase inventory from the ReklamStore’s mobile ad network and all major mobile RTB exchanges using a single, world-class interface.

Advanced Targeting Options

Partnering with hundreds of mobile apps and mobile publishers, we offer various data targeting options to advertisers to reach millions of users through mobile apps and websites.

Detailed Reports

As ReklamStore, we believe that reports are not functional at all if they are non-analytical and contain only numeric data. This is why you can monitor and control your campaign efficiency easily with our advanced reporting panel.

Start your mobile ad campaigns today!

ReklamStore’s mobile advertising team will be glad to guide you on your mobile advertising campaign management and monitoring the performance of the campaigns.

Increase Your InteractionRates

When it comes to mobile strategies, brands have to face with extremely complicated targets. Because, it is not easy to get quality interaction in places with high targeted impressions. ReklamStore Mobile makes all processes easier and more efficient by offering brands detailed targeting and creative solutions to manage highly interactive campaigns at mobile. In 2016, ReklamStore, which brings Turkey’s first self-service targeted mobile ad network Rekmob to its core and strengthens its mobile capacity with innovative targeting technology, provides high access as well as high interaction in mobile projects.

Remarket your mobileUsers

We offer a remarketing option in ReklamStore to make your campaign more powerful when you reach the target audience on mobile platforms. You can increase your interaction, communication with your customers and increase your sales by touching the target audience at any stage of the acquisition process.Customized services and continuous support for cross-sell, retargeting & branding solutions are waiting for you at ReklamStore Mobile.

Say Hello to World's Most Effective Ads!

Start enjoying the high-efficiency ads with ReklamStore today. Reach out your target audience with the video ad model which fits your brand most through all the opportuinities offered by RTB technology.
Real Engagement

We provide offers that pay based on a Cost Per Install model. It’s a big opportunity for app developers, mobile media buyers and affiliates to make money promoting apps or games.

Specific Targeting

Your ads are published wherever your target market is via ReklamStore’s advanced targeting options.


Your ads are shown to the customers who have already visited your website before to remind them of your brand.

Real – time Reporting

You don’t need to wait for days to get the results. You can track the clicking, viewing and conversion rates simultaneously.


Both automatic and manual optimization are performed to get the best performance from your campaigns.

Interactive Ad Formats

You can choose one of the alternative ad models that empowers your brand’s engagement with the users.

Which one is the best ad format for your brand?

ReklamStore Video offers its advertisers and publishers the option to take the advantage of the standard video ads such as in-banner, in-stream, as well as customized and interactive ad formats. In-Stream: The format in which the ads in the video player are displayed before, after, or in the middle of the actual video content.
Out-Stream: The format in which video ads are displayed by creating custom ad spaces apart from the video contents in the websites.

Interactive Video Ad Formats: Video ads that increase the interaction of users with the brand through rich media content and customization.

In - Stream video ads

Show your video ad after, before or in the middle of the actual video content with the in – stream ad method.

Preroll: The ad model in which the video of the ad is shown before the actual video content begins.

Midroll: The ad model in which the video of the ad is shown in the middle of the video content.

Postroll: The ad model in which the video ad is shown after the actual video has been viewed.

Overlay: Unlike other in-stream ad models, the banner ad is displayed in this model when the user watches a certain video

Become a video publisher

Targeted Ads

Experience the power of data – driven video advertising with ReklamStore. Show only content – related ads to your visitor.

Real – time Monitoring

Follow the performance of your advertising campaigns in real time. It will be never late to stop, pause or go further in your campaigns.

Maximise Your Revenue

Always show premium ads on your website. Use programmatic, optimisation, analytics and campaign management tools.


ReklamStore’s expert support team is listening to you. Just drop a ticket about your problem and let the support team connect with you.

Various Ad Formats

Which video ad format fits into your visitors behaviour? You can try various type of video ad formats to explore best performance.

Revenue Optimisation

Our sales team always keep looking for ads’ efficiency. With our high – impact innovated ad formats you will never be old school!


Exact Match With The User Experience

Native ads that are placed just like a natural part of the original content transfer the brand’s message without disturbing the user.

Native Ads Gets Noticed

Users’ awareness of native ads is 51% higher than the rate at which they see and identify traditional ads.

100% Match With the Content

Native ads draws user’s attention as they adapt to the content they are used together and are more likely to interact.

High Conversion on Mobile

Native ads gets 6 times higher conversion than display ads on mobile devices with limited display area.

Purchase Drivers

Native ads influence users to buy 52% higher than the display ads with the sense of security they provide.

Become A Native Today!

We will guide you through the process to maximise your native ads performance and report you periodically.

How do users see native ads?


The most important feature of native advertising, which is a much newer and innovative format than display ads, is the harmony provided by the content of the platform on which the ad is placed. On this page, native ads are perceived as the part of the original platform for users.


The platform of native advertisements is a complement to the experiences of users because it adapts not only visually but also as content. Because of this unique feature, native ads not only work for paid advertising, they also enrich platforms.

In this case, both the high-converting advertiser, the higher-paying publisher and the enriched user are satisfied.


Native ads read not just seen!


ReklamStore’s native ads are fully responsive which means native ads act like the content of that medium and fits into the design of the website. So, people can easily see and read native ads via PC, laptop, tablet, and smartphone with the same experience.

People are looking for stories to read. With a creative editorial view, advertisers can compose more attractive contents for their native ad campaigns.