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Attract Your Audience on Mobile!

Reach over hundreds of mobile apps and campaigns for your brand.

Cost Per Install (CPI) Campaigns

We  provide offers that pay based on a Cost Per Install model. It’s a big opportunity for app developers, mobile media buyers and affiliates to make money promoting apps or games.

Reach Your Audience On Mobile

Our self-serve mobile ad network enables clients to purchase inventory from the ReklamStore’s mobile ad network and all major mobile RTB exchanges using a single, world-class interface.

Advanced Targeting Options

Partnering with hundreds of mobile apps and mobile publishers, we offer various data targeting options to advertisers to reach millions of users through mobile apps and websites.

Detailed Reports

As ReklamStore, we believe that reports are not functional at all if they are non-analytical and contain only numeric data. This is why you can monitor and control your campaign efficiency easily with our advanced reporting panel.

Increase Your Interaction Rates


When it comes to mobile strategies, brands have to face with extremely complicated targets. Because, it is not easy to get quality interaction in places with high targeted impressions. ReklamStore Mobile makes all processes easier and more efficient by offering brands detailed targeting and creative solutions to manage highly interactive campaigns at mobile.

In 2016, ReklamStore, which brings Turkey’s first self-service targeted mobile ad network Rekmob to its core and strengthens its mobile capacity with innovative targeting technology, provides high access as well as high interaction in mobile projects.


Remarket your mobile users


We offer a remarketing option in ReklamStore to make your campaign more powerful when you reach the target audience on mobile platforms.


You can increase your interaction, communication with your customers and increase your sales by touching the target audience at any stage of the acquisition process.

Customized services and continuous support for cross-sell, retargeting & branding solutions are waiting for you at ReklamStore Mobile.

What is innovative targeting?

ReklamStore focuses
on advanced data targeting
options for its advertisers
to easily reach the right
audience with the right
ad model by analyzing
online users’ demographics,
interest and behaviors.

With our mobile targeting technology, we track every single action of our 5 million unique users. So we don’t just come up with people who “may” purchase the promoted product. We can point out people who have already purchased it from a rival company.

We create highly targeted audience segments for you with our publisher inventory, which includes more than 100 premium mobile apps.

You can reach out the segments like bank customers, credit card holders, İstanbulers, Berliners, e-commerce lovers, drivers, students, bloggers or even the niche segments like Jazz lovers with ReklamStore’s mobile targeting options.

 Here are some of the innovative targeting options we offer;

  • Ambient temperature
  • Ambient light
  • Battery level of the device
  • GSM operator
  • Internet connection type
  • Location of mobile device’s user
  • Car ownership (drivers)
Mobile ads based on your needs
Mobile Web Projects

“I want to show a special ad to the user who visited my website on mobile devices.”

Performance Based

“I want to easily reach my defined targets with performance-based mobile advertising campaigns.”

Push Notification

“I want to publish ads using push-notification on my mobile app.”

In – App Ads

“I want my ads to be displayed in the specific areas on mobile apps.”

Mobile ads based on your needs
“On mobile devices, you have to deliver the information to the users as fast as you can. Users do not want to wait and if you didnt make the right targeting, you cannot get the expected results. Thanks to ReklamStore’s strong publisher network and targeting skills, we will get satisfactory results on reaching our targets.”

Deniz Devrim Cengiz
Digital Banking Group Director, CepteTeb

“We achieved successful results for our KPI’s by running several alternative campaigns for both our mobile applications and web site. We also have the chance to make performance optimizations in order to get the best results in our campaigns thanks to our collaboration with our account managers. ”
Simge Özgünay
Sales & Marketing Manager, Siberalem

Start your mobile ad campaigns today!

ReklamStore’s mobile advertising team will be glad to guide you on your mobile advertising campaign
management and monitoring the performance of the campaigns.