Ad Reselling Platform

Small Businesses, Big Problems!

Many small businesses do not have the experience and resources that larger companies have in digital marketing and advertising. These businesses often need guidance and support to get the results they want from Meta, Google and similar self-service advertising platforms.

Large businesses that touch small businesses such as banks, telecom operators or dealer networks with distribution and sales organizations can provide value added support services to these businesses with their resources, tools and experience in digital advertising with Quick Ad Center.


As digital transformation support for corporate SME customers, they can provide advertising support services with Quick Ad Center and integrate it with credit products.

Telecom Operators

Within the scope of Value Added Services, they can include Meta, Google and similar advertising products among their digital advertising products.

Car Brands

While reaching their customers through dealer and service networks, they can provide digital advertising support to their dealers with central control and coordination.

Beverage Brands

They can support cafe and restaurant businesses also with digital advertisements, as a part of continuous promotional support with traditional promotional methods and advertising tools.

White Goods Brands

They can provide promotional support to their dealers by planning and managing sales campaigns that drive traffic to physical stores and showrooms from a single source.


They can give marketplace member sellers the opportunity to highlight their own products and set up advertising campaigns that will bring traffic and sales with just a few clicks.

Central Management and Control with Quick Ad Center

With Quick Ad Center, separate advertising activities carried out with small-scale businesses can be consolidated centrally and carried out with automation, under single-handed control.
Automatic Setup and Optimization

Advertising campaigns are automatically created in different networks and managed according to specific campaign objectives.

Creative/ Content Templates

Images and texts to be used in advertisements can be customized using creative templates and are generated automatically.

Different Payment Methods

Advertising campaigns can be financed by small businesses with a credit card, or they can be carried out with a loan opened by the parent company.

Automatic Reporting

Campaign results of all separate businesses are transmitted to the relevant parties in the form of automatic reports at determined frequencies.

Why Quick Ad Center?

Operational Efficiency

It is possible to manage, optimize and report all campaigns of the entire small business network with a central team, without the need for large advertising resources.

Standardization in Creatives and Content

Visual integrity and compliance with brand standards are ensured by creative templates to be used in advertising campaigns previously approved by the brand.

Control and Budget Optimization

While centralized management increases control, campaigns loaded with the right content and target audiences through automatic templates can provide high returns at low costs.


Quick Ad Center is charged with a monthly service fee calculated based on ad spend managed and optimized on the platform. Please contact us to learn about our pricing model, receive a special offer and demo presentation.