Our Self Serve Platform for Publishers (SSP)

ReklamStore SSP is integrated into Ad Exchange platforms which provide global demand to publishers.


User Friendly Panel

Once you have uploaded your site, you will receive the approval code. Then you can easily create your ad code in the ReklamStore SSP panel. And check your income from the reports page easily. 

Ad Models

Our SSP lets you create desktop, mobile, and interactive ad slots. You can reach high eCPM figures by using suggested ad slots.

Wrapper &HB Technology

ReklamStore uncovers the true value of your inventory with its pre-bid solution and brings it to buyers on multiple Ad Exchange platforms at the same time.

About ReklamStore SSP

Dozens of different DSPs, Ad Exchanges, and direct buyers are integrated into our network with HB technology. ReklamStore SSP brings global buyers and sellers together. With efficient advertising optimizations and ad placements, you will increase your eCPM and fill rates and earn revenue. 

ReklamStore is known for its focus on increasing revenue and works with thousands of local and global publishers. Publishers who are using ReklamStore SSP network are optimized for all graphic breaks. It provides income-focused performance with dozens of demand resources.


Supply Side Platform

With ReklamStore SSP, reveal the value of your inventory and maximize your revenue with direct buyers. It helps to simplify HB technology by eliminating complex codes. 

For your desktop and mobile ad space, there are high-earning ad models like a standard banner, interactive, native and etc.
ReklamStore SSP is directly connected to the world’s leading Ad Exchanges and DSP networks. Fill rate is 100% thanks to Appneuxs, Rubicon, Adform, Pubmatic, Criteo and other demand resources.

You can add your site and create codes with the self-service panel.

Our publishers on ReklamStore SSP network can reach to our fast and solution-focused team via mail, Skype, and ticket system.

Why ReklamStore SSP

Access to Demand Resources

We bring our publishers with connected demand resources from all over the world.

High Efficiency

With our innovative ad formats, your inventory provides high eCPM and increase revenue.

100% Fill

ReklamStore SSP, which is bound to global demand resources, provides 100% fill of publishers’ inventory.

Local & Global

ReklamStore SSP owns thousands of publisher networks in local and global markets.


Self-Service Usage

Create your own codes and activate them easily, and follow the variables from the report page. 

Site Properties

If your site traffic is sufficient enough to monetize you can easily apply in all categories except adult.

Ads.txt Generator


Ads.txt is an IAB-approved text file that increases transparency in the programmatic advertising. It’s a simple and secure method to prevent unauthorized inventory sales. This allows buyers to check the accuracy of the inventory they have purchased.


Use ReklamStore ads.txt generator to make your programmatic advertising more transparent and secure!

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