What is Influty?

Harnessing User-Generated Content for Marketing Success

Influty is a new generation advertising platform that brings  influencers and brands together. It is developed by ReklamStore which is a leading company of performance-based digital advertising.  Emerging with the company’s experience and expertise since 2007, Influty aims to strengthen the collaboration among influencers and brands.
Establishing an efficient link between influencers and brands.
While creating new campaign opportunities for influencers, at the same time, enabling brands to reach their target audiences more effectively.
To get maximum benefit from the campaigns by choosing the appropriate influencer for the purpose, message and target audience of the campaign.
Creating win-win collaborations by acting as a bridge between brands with the creative content of influencers and the audience they reach.
How does it work?
A campaign is created on Influty according to the campaign brief and creatives from the brand.
Influencers that are suitable for the target audience of the campaign are invited to the campaign.
Those who want to join the campaign from the invited influencers are subject to the approval of the advertiser.
Influencers, approved by the advertiser, prepare their posts in line with the campaign brief and send them for the approval of the advertiser.
Influencers share the posts on the campaign start date after advertiser approval.
Advantages of Influty for Brands

Boost Your Brand's Success with UGC Marketing

We will choose the influencers that we will cooperate with among those who are most suitable for the target audience of the campaign. In this way, we will create an effective strategy to deliver your brand’s message to the right audience.We offer the opportunity to work with influencers specially selected for each campaign, not with existing influencers. Thus, by identifying the most suitable and effective influencers for each campaign, we ensure that your campaign achieves its goals in the best way possible.We provide the opportunity to create campaigns suitable for your advertising budget in line with many influencer options with variable number of followers such as Celebrity, micro, macro.

Easy-to-use advertiser panel:
Campaign control
Real-time report dashboard
Opportunity to select the invited influencers in line with your campaign brief
The option of submitting the edit requests about the posts prepared by the influencers. Approval process of the posts to be shared by you before the campaign start.
Advantages of Influty for Influencers

Earn money from big brands with Influty app.

Easy-to-use web interface in addition to iOS and Android Apps.

Opportunity to collaborate with the top brands

Campaign options suitable for your target audience. Gift product sending and special coupon code collaborations for influencers 

Minimizing time loss with fast campaign and post approval processes

Ease of payment

Live support

Advertiser Panel

The brief created for your campaign is included. When you click on the sections such as Objective, About to brand in the lower right part, the brief details are displayed.


All Influencers invited to your campaign are listed here. You can perform the Influencer approval and rejection process here. You can easily access the analyzes and social media accounts of influencers here.

Pending: Pending Influencer approvals are listed. Approved: Approved Influencers are listed. Statistics: Shows the current status of the campaign


Content uploaded by influencers is listed on this screen. Approval and rejection of the contents can be performed by you from this section.If the uploaded content is not liked, you have the option to request a revision. In this case, the uploaded content will be rejected and you will be asked to enter the reason for rejection and the requested revision information on the screen presented to you. This information is used by the Influencer to upload a new content and the uploaded content is submitted for your approval again.


You can review your detailed campaign reports here



Minimum Total Followers
1 M
Minimum Access
1 K – 500 M
Instagram Post, Reels, Story - TikTok 


Minimum Total Followers
2,5 M
Minimum Access
250 K – 1,5 M
Instagram Post, Reels, Story - TikTok 


Minimum Total Followers
5 M
Minimum Access
500 K – 3 M
Instagram Post, Reels, Story - TikTok