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Start enjoying the high-efficiency ads with ReklamStore today. Reach out your target audience with the video ad model which fits your brand most through all the opportuinities offered by RTB technology.

Take a closer look our video advertising technology

Real Engagement

Video ads that are shown to potential customers interested in your brand provide high engagement.

Specific Targeting

Your ads are published wherever your target market is via ReklamStore’s advanced targeting options.


Your ads are shown to the customers who have already visited your website before to remind them of your brand.

Real – time Reporting

You don’t need to wait for days to get the results. You can track the clicking, viewing and conversion rates simultaneously.


Both automatic and manual optimization are performed to get the best performance from your campaigns.

Interactive Ad Formats

You can choose one of the alternative ad models that empowers your brand’s engagement with the users.

Which one is the best ad format for your brand?


ReklamStore Video offers its advertisers and publishers the option to take the advantage of the standard video ads such as in-banner, in-stream, as well as customized and interactive ad formats. In-Stream: The format in which the ads in the video player are displayed before, after, or in the middle of the actual video content.

Out-Stream: The format in which video ads are displayed by creating custom ad spaces apart from the video contents in the websites.

Interactive Video Ad Formats: Video ads that increase the interaction of users with the brand through rich media content and customization.

In – Stream video ads

Show your video ad after, before or in the middle of the actual video content with the in – stream ad method.

Preroll: The ad model in which the video of the ad is shown before the actual video content begins.

Midroll: The ad model in which the video of the ad is shown in the middle of the video content.

Postroll: The ad model in which the video ad is shown after the actual video has been viewed.

Overlay: Unlike other in-stream ad models, the banner ad is displayed in this model when the user watches a certain video.

Become a video publisher

Targeted Ads

Experience the power of data – driven video advertising with ReklamStore. Show only content – related ads to y”our visitor.

Real – time Monitoring

Follow the performance of your advertising campaigns in real time. It will be never late to stop, pause or go further in your campaigns.

Maximise Your Revenue

Always show premium ads on your website. Use programmatic, optimisation, analytics and campaign management tools.


ReklamStore’s expert support team is listening to you. Just drop a ticket about your problem and let the support team connect with you.

Various Ad Formats

Which video ad format fits into your visitors behaviour? You can try various type of video ad formats to explore best performance.

Revenue Optimisation

Our sales team always keep looking for ads’ efficiency. With our high – impact innovated ad formats you will never be old school!

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