Demand Side Platform – DSP

Self serve & easy to use programmatic ad buying platform for advertisers, media buyers, and affiliates

Core Features

Global & Premium Traffic

ReklamStore DSP allows advertisers to reach their target customers globally and run any type of advertising campaigns in any country.

Easy to Use

ReklamStore DSP was designed with the mindset of creating an easy to use self-serve advertising platform.


Fraud Protected Inventory

Brand-safety & fraud protected traffic is essential for advertising. Therefore, we integrated well-known 3rd party ad fraud detecting tools.

Targeting Options

Hit the bullseye every time! Location, device, SSP, browser, OS, carrier, whitelisting & blacklisting and many other targeting options are available.

SMEs Friendly

Our minimum funding amount is just $50 so you can fund your account and start running your campaigns way easier than other DSPs.


Real Time Reporting

You can check exactly where your ads are shown and how they are performing on different sites and placement within the sites. All real time.

About ReklamStore DSP

We provide self serve advertising solutions for advertisers to target the right audience with the right ad model by analyzing users’ demographics, interest, and behavior according to their web browsing history.

Create, manage, and monitor your advertising campaigns across


Web – Mobile – In App

Available advertising formats


Display – Mobile – Video – Native – Pop – Push

3rd Party Tag Support

ReklamStore DSP enables the implementation of third party ad tags from external ad servers and networks or multiple third parties. Once you start using 3rd party creatives, for your creative change or optimization needs, you can handle them from your ad server.

Supply Partners

We are constantly improving our reach and media quality by being a partner with the well-known supply side platforms. At this moment, we connected more than 100 SSPs to our demand side platform.

ReklamStore App Store

ReklamStore App Store is an app store for 3rd party tools. Many tracking solutions, anti-fraud applications, and creative creation tools are integrated into our app store. Also, these apps are providing exclusive discounts for ReklamStore DSP users.


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ReklamStore DSP

Self serve & easy to use programmatic media buying platform for advertisers, media buyers, and affiliates.

Industry leading web and mobile demand side platform for media buying.