Easy Tracking Setup with Conversions API

Say Goodbye to 3rd Party Cookies!

Are your digital marketing operations ready for the cookieless future?

The most popular web browsers are no longer supporting 3rd party cookies due to increasing privacy and security concerns of Internet users. All digital advertising and conversion tracking operations that have been carried out through 3rd Party cookies to date have already begun to be affected by this major transition.

All leading advertising platforms, especially Meta and Google, have announced the Server-to-Server (S2S) conversion tracking solutions required for this transition. Tracking users on your website and tracking conversions is now possible without the need for traditional cookies!

The Power of Cookie-Free Tracking

Developed for user tracking and conversion tracking, cookieless tracking precisely tracks interactions on your website. This allows users to get more accurate analytics without relying on browser cookies.

Trust and Privacy

To gain customer trust, cookieless marketing strategy respects user privacy. This highlights your brand's ethical values and can increase customer loyalty.

Overcome Legal and Browser Challenges

Be prepared for increased cookie blocking and browser challenges. Cookieless tracking allows you to bypass these barriers and obtain user consents.

Personalized Experience

Cookieless tracking helps you create more personalized marketing strategies by understanding users' preferences and behavior.

Now is the time to take advantage of cookieless tracking technology to improve your website performance and strengthen customer experience. Switch now and take your marketing strategy to the next level!

Why Choose Advermind CAPI Service?

For advertisers looking to complete this migration, providing individual API integrations to many ad platforms and keeping these frequently updated connections up & running requires ongoing technical effort and a lot of resources.
With the practical solution developed by Advermind in partnership with leading platforms, we can complete the S2S conversion tracking transition for Meta, Google, TikTok and many other advertising platforms with minimum technical resources and in the shortest time.
No Technical Resources Required

Complete the integration in a few simple steps without the need for software development.

Quick to Implement:

It is possible to complete the transition within the same day by completing simple installation steps.

All Platforms with a Single Solution:

You can solve signal management and conversion tracking for all platforms such as Meta, Google, TikTok and similar platforms with a single solution, without dealing with all platforms one by one. Moreover, it is not affected by updates and does not require maintenance or operating effort.

You can achieve a 15% improvement in conversion quality with CAPI!

Error-free, complete conversion tracking provided by reliable signals and increased match rate both improve the conversion rate and create a cost advantage.
Reliable Signals

Dramatically increases reliability by using multiple channels and your own cookies.

Increased Match Rate

By using visitors' information other than cookies, you can match these users with advertising platforms at higher rates.

Cost Optimization

With accurate and reliable conversion tracking, advertising platforms can optimize campaigns more efficiently, resulting in a reduction in costs.

Offline Conversion Tracking

With CAPI, you can not only track mobile and online conversions, but also track conversions in your physical stores by integrating into any system where you store your customer data, such as loyalty programs, call centers, CRM, CDP, DMP, and turn your customer data into target audiences that you can use on advertising platforms.


Advermind CAPI Service does not require installation fees. You can meet your online and offline conversion tracking needs on all platforms by paying a fixed service fee based on your average monthly signal volume.
Please contact our sales team to get a special price offer suitable for your scale.