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Reach your target audience with the right message at the right time and the right place.


Thousands of websites around the world are working to make your brand known to your target market via ReklamStore Display. No matter where your customer is, your brand will be in sight.

Premium Traffic

We know how important is to reach the right people. You can choose the one with the most appropriate target audience for your brand from the most premium websites.

Advanced Targeting

Only your target market see your ads with the detailed targeting options offered by ReklamStore. So, you can easily attract the attention of users without spending your budget on irrelevant people.


It’s easy to take the users who have visited your website at least once back to your website by showing your products and services again while they are searching on Google or surfing on our publisher pool.
Landscape: Digital Advertising Ecosystem In Turkey
Infographic: Internet Users' Behaviours (TR)
Infographic: Internet Users' Behaviours (TR)
Why choose us in your display ads?

Direct Publishers

Premium publishers are waiting to work with you in the publisher pool of ReklamStore Display. Our team of experts are ready for supporting you if you need help to choose the right publisher for your brand.


Through our Performance Platform, you’ll be able to reach the users you need. We provide access to more than 300 supply partners.


Our data – driven technology platform offers programmatic, optimisation, analytics and campaign management tools enriched with extensive data analysis and market intelligence.


We believe better always can be done. Therefore, you can track and report your campaigns simultaneously to optimize your campaign and use your budget more efficiently even if the campaign is still going on.


Our account managers are your personal performance advertising consultants, managing your campaign budget, media plan and campaign management to ensure that we achieve your goals.

Explore Ad Formats

We offer the full range of IAB standard ad formats, as well as high-impact innovated ad formats.

What our customers are saying?
“ReklamStore platform optimizes the performance with its advanced technology and product portfolio including display, mobile, video and native ad models. While providing all these kind of services, they also act responsibly about brand identity and give high importance to brand safety.”
Baris Burcoglu

Digital Media Manager, Havas Media

“We achieved successful results and met our performance-driven KPI’s by using ReklamStore’s products in the campaigns of various advertisers. The products we used especially in Finance and Construction sectors take important part in both short-term and long-term planning, which increases the trust in ReklamStore’s service quality in the eyes of agency and advertiser. “
Öncü Gülmez

Managing Director, Mekanik

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