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We provide data-driven digital advertising solutions for advertisers to maximize their return of digital investments and increase the revenue of publishers by revealing the real value of their inventories.

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The Leading Self - Serve DSP


Create, manage and monitor your ad campaigns with our self – serve DSP which integrated with all major ad exchanges, SSPs and the other traffic sources.

Maximize Your Ad Profits

ReklamStore works with premium global publishers who focus on various vertical categories such as; entertainment, news, sports, woman, listing, aggregate etc.

Meet Our DMP Technology


ReklamStore has its own data management platform which collects data from a wide range publishers and special data providers. Try our DMP technology now!

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You can reach not only the domestic but also the global resources with our affiliate network which has been on service with the mission of reaching its brands’ performance targets at the lowest costs since 2010.




You can reach out your target audience using our broad publisher portfolio with more than 3B+ impressions per month via our targeted display ad network which is preferred by more than 400 brands.




We provide innovative mobile programmatic and performance advertising solutions that lead to maximum user acquisition, high-quality leads from targeted users and higher ROI.


Catch your target audience with our creative video ad models in order to get the high engagement at exactly the right moment through exactly the right ad format!



Native advertising is an effective way of reaching out and engaging with a larger audience and establishing your own brand. We can help you all the way through the process!

Self Service DSP

The leading real-time advertising platform for marketing professionals and agencies which allow them to create, manage and monitor their online, video and mobile ad campaigns.

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Real Time Bidding

Server-to-server buying process happens suddenly through an auction that determines who gets to buy a specific impression. It definitely a win-win process for both sides of the programmatic deals.


We offer you to reach potential customers who have left your brand’s website without making a purchase or completing a desired action.

Header Bidding

HB technology enables publishers to receive bids from every demand partner at the same time so that the impression is always awarded to the highest bidder.

Audience Marketing

Reach your target audience at the right time with the right message through desktop, mobile, tablet.


Brand Safety

We offer controls and safeguards to illegal bot activity, historically fraudulent URLs, or specific page-level fraud for advertisers and publishers.

True View

Our true display technology enables maximizing efficiency and offers extensive data analysis and market intelligence.


Create, manage, monitor ads with ReklamStore DSP


ReklamStore’s DSP is an easy to use real-time advertising platform. It allows you to cover your media buying needs without waiting for approval to set up, optimize and update your advertising campaigns. You can target the right audience with the right ad model while our real-time reports help you to check and improve your ad performance.



Maximize your revenue with ReklamStore SSP


ReklamStore SSP brings global buyers and sellers together with dozens of different DSPs, Ad Exchanges, and direct receivers which integrated into our platform. With efficient ad placements and advertising optimizations, your inventory will provide high eCPM and increase your revenue. And at any time our best in class and solution-focused expert team is at your service.

Demand Side Platform

ReklamStore’s self-serve DSP includes built-in tools that make it easy to organize, launch and run your campaigns…

Supply Side Platform

With ReklamStore SSP, reveal the value of your inventory and maximize your revenue…

Data Management Platform

Analyze and interpret first-party data to understand your target customers’ behaviors and improve accuracy on the purchase…

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