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The Most efficient way to create, manage and monitor your ad campaigns


User Friendly Interface

ReklamStore’s self – serve DSP includes built-in tools that makes it easy to organize, launch and run your campaigns. Advertisers can easily create, manage and monitor their campaigns, on top that it is real – time.

Full Control On Ad Models

Our DSP lets you manage desktop, video or mobile ad campaigns… Use any of these platforms that make sense to your target audience, with various pricing models include CPM, CPC, etc.

Make Our Platform Yours

It is re – brandable and available in exclusive white – label editions. The full power of our DSP with your very own brand as a White – Label DSP Panel… Ideal for ad agencies, performance marketers, media traders and ad networks.

About Our Self - Serve DSP

ReklamStore Self – Serve DSP is a real – time advertising platform for marketing professionals and agencies which allow them to create, manage and monitor their online, video and mobile ad campaigns include various pricing models, such as CPM, CPC, etc…

We provide a self – serve advertising solution for advertisers to target the right audience with the right ad model by analyzing users’ demographics, interest and behaviour according to their web browsing history.

Supply Partners


You have access to thousands of websites thanks to our traffic supply partners. ReklamStore DSP was designed specifically with the mindset of creating a customer focused advertising platform and we are constantly improving our media quality by being partner with the well-known SSPs. At this moment, we connected more than 100 SSPs and native, display, and video traffic is available for all countries.

Core Features

Real - Time Bidding

ReklamStore DSP has been used by many advertisers to buy millions of ad impressions on web and mobile. You win more ad space via maximum ad opportunities and fastest response.

Dynamic Facebook Ads

Enlarge your reach with Facebook Advertising capabilities through ReklamStore DSP’s advanced targeting options.

100% Transparency

Watch exactly where every dollar of your ad spend is going. Get full transparency over all the URLs you choose to run on, and you can hand-pick on which domain/URL you want to run.

Audience Targeting

ReklamStore DSP allows advertisers to build and target their first and third party audience segments using a simple drag & drop option.

Reach Premium Traffic

ReklamStore DSP is integrated with all major ad exchanges, SSPs and the other traffic sources. It gives you access to more than 300M impressions on both web and mobile devices every single day.


Eliminate the risk of misplacement, fraud, malicious traffic. Ensure brand safety with integrated advanced tools. Option to target campaings with whitelist and blacklist features.

Advertising Campaign Tools

Plan, Build / Organize Your Ads

Set up schedules, select metrics for accountability and align plans with spend. Just filter the list of over 20,000 websites by various targeting options. You can create an ad campaign once and easily use them for future campaigns.


Control The Performance

The power of online advertising comes from measurement. ReklamStore DSP gives you a user friendly control panel to track and optimize your campaigns to achieve your goals.

Track Conversation

Is your campaign running profitably or not? ReklamStore DSP gives you the transparent conversion report and revenue tracking base in the reporting panel.

Real-Time & Detailed Reporting

Less delay, no wasting ad spend! You don’t wait hours or days for reporting. You can easily monitor your ad campaigns and optimize them in real time.


Built - In Ad Serving

If you don’t have an ad server, ReklamStore DSP does all your ad serving and content delivery for all your ad campaigns.

Frequency Capping

ReklamStore DSP gives you options to limit how often your ad is shown to the same audience in a spesific time period. You can increase or decrease this cap, depending on your goals.

Advanced Targeting Options

ReklamStore provides online advertising solutions for advertisers to target the right audience with the right ad model by analyzing users’ demographics, interest and behaviour according to their web browsing history.

Daypart targeting allows publishers to choose to run a campaign at a time of day – or week by extension – when the target audience is most likely receptive and reactive. ReklamStore DSP enables users to run their campaigns with day-part targeting.
Geo targeting makes having impressions from specific area or areas possible for the advertisers. Users can decide in which locations their ads to be published or they can exclude some specific geos. In our platform, feel free to target locations where your target audience is.
Our DSP provides you targeting mobile users by their devices and/or carriers.
You can specify one or more categories to target websites. Category targeting lets you reach users based on their interests by delivering ad campaign alongside relevant content about specific product, service or interests (e.g. Automotive, Music, Finance, Parenting or Travel).

DSP101 White Paper is Available!

Advertisers seem to struggle to manage numerous different campaigns. Yet DSPs (Demand Side Platform) makes it possible for the advertisers to overcome this potential problem through the effective management system. For these reasons, they are becoming increasingly vital for the digital advertising ecosystem.

 You can learn more by downloading ReklamStore DSP101 white paper now for free to know further basics, key features, and benefits of the demand-side platform.



Try the most efficient way to organize ad campaigns

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