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You can apply to become a publisher by choosing the appropriate ad model for you from the following ReklamStore solutions.

ReklamStore SSP

    • Header bidding technology
    • Desktop & mobile standart IAB banner formats
    • Interstitial & prestitial ad model
    • Integrated with global DSPs like Appnexus, Adform and DoubleClick

ReklamStore Affiliate

    • App download (CPI) campaigns
    • Lead generation (CPL) campaigns
    • Cost per sale (CPS) campaigns with dozens of e-commerce pages
    • 7/24 account management & tech support

ReklamStore Native

    • Special widget designs for your page
    • %100 ad fill rate
    • Content-integrated ads
    • Content suggestion system
    • High page/session rate

ReklamStore Video

    • VAST – VPAID support
    • Outstream targeting options
    • Desktop and mobile targeting possibilities
    • Integration with well-known ad platforms

Network, SSP & Bidder Integration

You can contact us for Open RTB integration for your network and SSP, or for our different integration solutions.

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