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Demand Side Platforms vs Google Ads

The similarities, differences, pros, and cons of Demand Side Platforms and Google Ads

Demand Side Platforms vs Google Ads
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Demand Side Platforms (DSPs) vs Google Ads

Most of the DSPs are similar to Google Ads. But DSPs are offering a more vendor-neutral RTB ecosystem while Google Ads lets you run your advertising campaigns only on its own network.

What are DSPs and How Different Are They From Google Ads?

Demand-side platform (DSP) is a technology system that allows digital advertising inventory buyers to manage their accounts on multiple ad exchanges.

Different Benefits of DSPs and Google Ads

For some industries, Google Ads is the easiest way to go to the market and, based on the user’s budget, receive thousands or millions of ad impressions within days.

Disadvantages of Google Ads Compared to DSPs

Google Ads might not be the best solution to target an audience precisely as it’s hard to narrow down the settings and show ads only to a razor sharp targeted audience.

Why is “Click Fraud” Less of a Problem for DSPs?

DSPs are serving banner ads just like Google Display does, so how come “click fraud” doesn’t affect DSPs as much as it affects Google?

Google Ads Targeting Limitations

There are many targeting limitations because Google is limited to delivering ads through its own network (Google Search, YouTube, Maps, Gmail, etc), partners, and affiliates (Google AdSense).

Disadvantages of DSPs compared to Google Ads

DSPs can be easier for campaign management as well as better equipped to identify the right target audience but there are several disadvantages of DSPs as well.

Using DSPs for Account-Based Marketing

With the ability to deliver ads to specific devices based on what company and what professional it belongs to, DSPs find the right audience for their ads and can be integrated with other ABM activities.

How Google Ads and DSPs Can Benefit Each Other

Many companies are running DSP and Google Ads at the same time and manage to have these different programs successfully integrate and benefit each other.

And many more…

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