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Become an affiliate advertiser!

Performance-based advertising offers you guaranteed results. Because, you know exactly how much you receive turnover from the campaign budget.

Sales Offers (CPS)

The advertiser pays a commission for each sale completed. It is usually named as CPS (Cost Per Sale).

Lead Offers (CPL)

The advertiser pays for lead generation/collection. The offer can be set as Single Optin or Double Optin.

View Offers (CPV)

The advertiser pays per each viewed video. It is usually named as CPV (Cost Per View).

Install Offers (CPI)

The advertiser pays per each viewed video. It is usually named as CPI (Cost Per Install).


Tailored Solutions for Advertisers

Offer statistics can be monitored in real time through our control panel. You can block inefficient publishers, or incentivize succesful publishers. Presented detailed information allows you to manage your campaigns in the most effective way.

Watch your ROI surge using latest tech solutions and never paying for clicks any more. Creatives and conversions, publishers and payments, everything is right where you need it, easy to manage and analyse. You don’t have to pay CPA networks. Create and manage your own in the simplest and the most effective way ever.

Performance-based Advertising

Thanks to performance-based advertising, you know exactly how much return you get from your campaign budget. The advertiser who set their targets and bids makes the payment only when the target is achieved in this result-guaranteed model. Therefore, the advertiser earns together with their publishers. This is why affiliate marketing is the most effective and result-oriented solution for advertisers.

As an advertiser, just determine whether you make your offer based on per sales or per lead, we identify the publisher who can promote your brand in the most accurate way. Thereby, when you pay for your achieved goals, you as an advertiser and also your publishers won together.

Our happy customers

Alper Tosun

E-commerce Manager, Altınbaş

“Even if we started our business recently, we reached our expectations from an affiliate network in a short period of time and the performance continues to improve.”

Koray Guler

Online Marketing Manager, Koton

“For us, Reklamstore is a strategic business partner. We actively run affiliate campaigns with CPA pricing model which results in high ROI.”

To Become an Affiliate Advertiser

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