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Introduction to Demand Side Platforms: A Step-By-Step Guide


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Demand Side Platforms 101

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Introduction to DSPs

Programmatic advertising technology that shapes the future of the digital advertising world makes advertising purchasing processes much more practical, fast, and profitable.


What is a Demand Side Platform?

Demand-side platform (DSP) is a technology system that allows digital advertising inventory buyers to manage their accounts on multiple ad exchanges.

How do DSPs Work?

DSPs enter into bids on behalf of advertisers for winning impressions by placing real-time offers and to ensure that the real worth of the CPM to be decided.

Key Features of a DSP

DSPs enter into bids on behalf of advertisers for each display by placing real-time offers and thus ensuring its real worth. This is called realtime bidding.

What Are The Benefits?

With DSP, it is possible to convert a campaign to cash without losing time and paying an additional fee. It provides a wide range of reach and allows access to real-time campaign statistics.

Difference Between DSPs and SSPs

DSP is a system that allows advertisers to purchase advertising inventories from SSPs (Supply Side Platform) through a single interface.


DSPs or Other Platforms?

Other mainstream advertising platforms show similarities to DSPs by providing advertisers the opportunity to purchase impressions and to create advertising campaigns.

How to Start Using a DSP?

Advertisers and advertising agencies commonly use a DSP for purchasing traffic. Initializing purchasing processes in a DSP basically consists of a few steps.

Why ReklamStore DSP?

ReklamStore allows simultaneous bidding on a single panel. Ads can also be displayed on the desktop, mobile web, and in-app spaces with transparent real time reporting.


And many more…

Since I have been using ReklamStore’s DSP I have been able to achieve great results for our performance campaigns! This DSP combines precise targeting options with the top SSP traffic sources, all rolled up into one great platform!

Tomas Foster


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