Approval of the Publisher

  • Illegal programs, warez , crack, serial, cd key and any others are not accepted on the system.
  • Adult content sites are not accepted on the system.
  • The site that has links to the above-mentioned content, is not accepted.
  • If the approved sites add the above mentioned content, they are removed from the system.
  • If you are using redirection or domain forwarding, please register with the domain that is the final destination for the user.
  • Only oriented to advertising sites or the sites which contain a lot of advertising on the content, are not accepted on the system.
  • ReklamStore checks the applicants’ sites’ eligibility to categories. ReklamStore has always rights to change sites’ categories.
  • ReklamStore has rights to unaccept the site which is not suitable.
  • Sites, are provided by free domain services, are not accepted.

The Banner Usage

  • The Publisher can emit the maximum four banners on one page. Banners can not be placed so much close to each other.
  • The messages which try to incentive click, can not be involved in any photos and other apps.It can not be placed “Click the banner, Supporting data or similar phrases” on the banner.
  • The Publisher has to make different appointments for each site. It against the rules to advert on unaudited sites. With using Iframe, javascript or others techniques, the advertisement can not publish on unaudited sites.
  • The Publisher cannot click their own advertisements.
  • The banner cannot be used on sites which have less or no content.
  • ReklamStore has the right to stop the banner , if the click rates is over than standarts for any reason.


  • The users must ask their questions to ReklamStore about the banner.
  • ReklamStore can send warming message to nonobservant users or can delete their account. The users who are removed from the system because of the nonobservant, can not receive profits and they must pay to advertiser for costs.
  • ReklamStore has rights to change and update rules. ReklamStore warns users before 7 days from the contradiction of rule changes.