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Here you can find below ReklamStore's holistic digital advertising solutions and easily apply for these solutions.

Display Advertising

  • CPM Campaigns for your brand awareness
  • Reach premium traffic via well-known websites
  • Advanced targeting options to target right audience
  • Global IAB advertisement standards for your ad campaigns

Affiliate Marketing 

  • Mobile CPI campaigns via our rich mobile website pool
  • Lead generation campaigns according to your marketing goals
  • Cost per sales campaigns for e-commerce sites
  • To get more awareness choose video content and CPV campaigns

Mobile Advertising

  • Inovative and advanced targeting options
  • Give advertisement at our 100+ premium mobile apps
  • Cost per Install campaigns for your mobile app downloads
  • Detailed and real time reporting to measure your campaign success

Video Advertising

  • Interactive video ad formats with high engagement
  • Retargeting /remarketing options
  • Effective campaign management both desktop ve mobile
  • Real time reporting and optimization on your ad campaings

Native Advertising

  • Responsive ad formats which suitable for every website
  • High conversion rates (CTR) 
  • Embedded ads with the content of the platform
  • With content recommendation system find relative customers

Self Service DSP

  • Plan, Build / Organize Your Ads
  • Advanced Targeting Options
  • Real-Time & Detailed Reporting such as geo, demographic and daypart…
  • Gain time with flexible campaign management tools

DSP / Bidder Integration


Contact us for Open RTB solutions for networks and SSP’s or for different integration solutions.

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