Brand Safety

What is Brand Safety?


Provides the controlled publication in milliseconds and in the same milliseconds controls whether the content of inventory is legal.

Ads inventory of ads will be shown immediately before the release can detect harmful sites bid by Premium Firewall technology through our advertisements are published only in a safe and legal website; pornography, gambling, illegal, fraudulent, racist or violent content is not published on the site.

Brand Safety technology, provides better campaigns while maintaining the reliability of your brand, a well-known brand, and allows you to obtain a more enhanced media performance. Our technology is controlled by bid before ads published on a website allows us to take in real- time precautions.

The average inventory contains %8 inappropriate content & of blacklist content comes from iFrame. We have a technology to provide us know the information about which domains have inappropriate content and where the inappropriate content comes from. So can use this information for future campaigns.