Audience Marketing

What is Audience Marketing?

Audience Marketing is targeting to reach the right user at the right time with the right message. Advertisers, agencies and trade desks target more conversion and higher ROI by selecting right target market according to user’s demographic profile, interest and behaviours.

Reklamstore gives assistance with the specialised team to the customers regarding how to benefit more from “Big Data” with new software on Audience Marketing and investments.

ReklamStore Data Center

Reklamstore has been giving assistance with RDC to advertisers, agencies and publishers regarding data collecting, analysing, increasing, managing and purchasing since 2010.

With RDC, Reklamstore provides agency and advertisers to get the highest conversion from campaigns by selecting the right target market which is demanded. Reklamstore also provides data suppliers to get the highest profit from its data.

Reklamstore Data Types

Demographical Data

Demographical datas of Reklamstore comes from both online and offline publishers. These datas are usually provided from social network sites and confirmed by research companies such as ComScore.

Reklamstore divides the data which is collected without including any personal information and which can be converted into retargetable form, into different demographic, psychographic and lifestyle segments by cookie targeting.

Data Based On Interest

Reklamstore’s datas based on interest are created by qualified activities of a user with cookie . These qualified activities include user’s tendency to any subject or a tendency to particular interest. These targeted users get together in segments in RDC which are suitable to user’s interest.

Data based on request

Reklamstore’s datas based on request are gathered from shopping platform and qualified common sites. These datas belong to a user who interested in a particular category and has possibility of buying. These targeted users are segmented by the search that they have done according to their request.

Private Aggrement Site Data

Offline advertisers are used to believe that it is required to have big names in order to increase brand recognition and sell the is possible to actualize the same idea in digital advertising now.

Reklamstore makes private data aggrements with data supplier and publishers that have a niche target market. Reklamstore provides targeted and delicate data which brings high conversion and can be easily added to media planning. It is possible by having aggrement with vertical content provider sites in different fields such as travel, price matching, finance, Kobi , consumer, flight ticket, real estate.

Some of our data solutions partners:

  • Price Matching Sites
  • Flight Ticket Search Sites
  • Social Network Sites
  • Kobi-Tradespeople Sites
  • Consumer Sites
  • Online Shopping Sites
  • Finance And Credit Application Sites
  • Occupational Group Sites
  • Hobby Sites
  • Real Estate Sites
  • Automotive Sites
  • A Plus User Sites
ReklamStore Data Statistics