What Is True View?

True View

Our true display technology enables maximizing efficiency. It allows publishers to analyze their advertising space and shows which spaces received the real impression, which remained out of sight. Optimizations created by using this information enables you to reach the maximum amount of end user with maximum efficiency.

According to our analysis, true display ( it is not just the publication on the page, it represents the moment ad is seen by an end user) and longer-term views ( According to standards, it means attraction with the ad for longer than 10 seconds ) is one of the most important factors affecting the campaign and brand performance. In short, how long the ad is truly seen, the greater the quality of the advertising. When advertising rate of return (it might also be sales or click return) increases, the satisfaction of the brands grows and this is completely proportional to the true display.

Our technology allows the following: We detect If a display advertising space or a creative is not seen by a partner or a channel. We also check the quality of the time spent, creative display and the difference between our result and markets. Also with creating our own metrics, you can adjust the display of standards, and with the results of these standards, we can create special targeting to these websites that provide longer attraction time with our ads.

With our technology, advertisers get a guarantee that their ads are displayed on sites that provide maximum performance.