Video Advertising

Publishing Process

ReklamVİdi, connects your target group in the global websites with opportunities that offer video ads on RTB’s 18 main categories and dozens of subcategories. thus, it provides brand and product awareness by addressing the contribution of minimum cost and maximum individual user.
Optimization (CTR & Completion Rate)

ReklamVidi system, performs automatic optimization every second for the realization of high CTR and high completion rates for video advertising publications. Team supports the manual optimization, while the improvements automatically takes place to increase the CTR and the completion rate.

The team keeps under control with every publication 7/24. Current reports are reported as often as advertisers wants. After reporting in-line with the demands of advertisers, optimizations may vary.

Advertising Models

ReklamVidi offers four different advertising model for your video campaign, so you may choose the most suitable advertising model;

A pre-roll ad is a promotional video message that plays before the content the user has selected. Preroll takes space as a large portion of 80% of the online video advertising market. The percentage of completion rate on this model is directly related to the video ad duration.

Mid-roll ad is a video commercial that appears during an online video. Mid-roll advertising resembles traditional TV commercials.

The post-roll ad is a video commercial that appears at the end of an online video content.

Advertising type of banner shown on video player while the video content published.

Targetting - Device

In today’s technology on any device with access to the Internet, on any platform you want, with ReklamVidi we can publish your video ad to the targeted audience.

You can publish your ads to millions of computer users. For example, A Turkish company, which has also sales house in Germany, can target Turkish users via selection browser language of Turkish, and video ads can reach only to those users.

Regardless of the operating system, you can target users connected to the Internet via mobile phones.

Just as in targeting mobile phone, ReklamVidi can reach through any operating system that the users connected to the Internet via their tablets.
Smart TV

Do you want us to deliver a message for you to the people who uses Smart TV application that it is time to buy a better and upgraded Smart TV?
Game Consoles

With ReklamVidi you can communicate with all the game lovers with instant internet access through the game consoles.

Targetting - Browser

Browser Targeting


You may target any browser you want. Like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari. You may also target the versions. For Example, you may publish a video ad of IE10 to the old version users.
Browser Language Targeting

With ReklamVidi’s advanced targeting technology, you can target your ads in 29 different languages from each other browser. Moreover, you can perform at any place in the World. Consider that an airline has a Germany-Turkey flight campaign. Don’t you think that the best-targeted users would be who are connected with DE IP with TR Browser language or/and otherwise TR IP with DE Browser language?
Day&Hour Target

ReklamVidi can perform any day and 7 days a week for an hour desired program. If you’d rather make 7/24 release, publication carried out in the most effective for days and hours.
Operating System Targeting

You can perform any operating system that you want your publication. Who wants to pay more fees by posting free ads on an iOS application on a Windows computer? Reklamvidi offers to advertisers that can be targeted OS:
Desktop: Windows, Mac OSX, Linux

Mobile Devices: Windows, Android, IOS

Retargeting & Data Targeting

ReklamVidi offers to publish your ads to the users that have visited your website before. Shortly before the video ad publishment, by adding with a single line code to your website, ReklamVidi can retarget your interested audiences via those cookies.