Become A Publisher Today!

Apply for becoming a publisher simply by choosing the appropriate ad model for your business from the following ReklamStore solutions.

ReklamStore Display

  • Header Bidding Technology
  • Desktop & Mobile standard IAB banner formats
  • Interstitial & prestitial ad models
  • Integrated with leading Global DSPs such as Appnexus, Adform and DoubleClick

ReklamStore Affiliate

  • Mobile app download (CPI) campaigns
  • Lead campaigns 
  • Affiliate marketing campaigns (CPS) for many e-commerce websites 
  • Account management and technical support for 7/24

ReklamStore Native

  • Customized widget designs
  • %100 fillrate
  • Ads integrated with the content
  • Page duration rate with high content suggestion system

ReklamStore Video

  • VAST – VPAID support
  • Outstream options
  • Desktop and mobile publishing opportunities
  • Integrated with the leading ad platforms

Integration of Network, SSP & Bidder

Contact us for Open RTB solutions for networks and SSP’s or different integration solutions.

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