Performance Marketing

What is Performance Marketing?

Performance Marketing is a rewarding system by an internet business for sub-publishers who brings new customers to a business by using intermediary advertising network. This result-oriented and low-risk marketing model are preferred each passing day as everybody wins if actions required by advertiser take place such as membership, sales, install and monitoring.

Membership Campaigns

These campaigns are paid for each new member. Single Optin or Double Optin approval mechanism can be established according to the campaign conditions. This model is called CPI (Cost Per Lead)

Sales Campaigns

These are the campaigns that commission payments are made through realized sales.

Install Campaigns

These are the campaigns that payments are made per download and setup for software and applications. It is called CPI (Cost Per Install)

Monitoring Campaigns

These are the campaigns that payments are made per view for a specific video content. It is called CPV (Cost Per View)



Result Oriented

Publishers use all experience and creativity to get a result because they only earn payment over specified action.

High Performance

The most appropriate target audience is determined for products and services, results are optimized and performance is increased.

Minimum Risk

There is no losing side in performance-base advertising because if there is not success, payment is not made.

High Earnings

Publishers explaining the right content to the right audience gain much higher earnings in comparison to traditional advertising model (CPC, CPM)

How is it done?

Publishers within advertisers permission use the following methods to get a result from campaigns.

  • Product-specific new introduction content creator sites
  • Product promotion via social media
  • Adwords, Facebook and banner ads
  • Permitted E-mail marketing
  • Incentive applications