Performance Design

Landing Page
Landing page is generally sales targeted a single sheet model by generated transformative goal. landing page design is devoted to increase sales and transformations can be prepared by our designers to the advertisers.
Banner Design

Our design team can provide the banner sets to intend to increase the campaign performance with the privacy of the advertisers.

Banner Types:

  • Jpeg Banner: Immobile, fixed picture banners
  • Gif Banner: Active , unstable picture banner
  • Flash Banner: Immobile, fixed picture banner.
    • Search Banner: When there is a search in the banner at the same time it does the same search in the web page too.
    • XML /RSS Banner: Dynamically operable via XML or RSS, Banners, which can be updated if desired.
    • Widget Banner: Inside of the banner weather, currency converter and so on can be done if desired.
    • Game Banner: High ctr rate interesting and little games can be played by the user.
    • Video Banner: The ads can be played inside.
    • Quiz Banner: Little contests can be done inside
    • Footer Rollover Banner: Stays at the bottom of the page and when the mousse comes over it expands and gets active.
    • Expendable XML Banner: Which shows the product count 4 times bigger dynamically, when the mousse comes over it expands.