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Partnering with hundreds of mobile apps and offers various data targeting options.

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Cost Per Install (CPI) Campaigns

We  provide offers that pay based on a Cost Per Install model. It’s a big opportunity for app developers, mobile media buyers and affiliates to make money promoting apps or games.

Reach Your Audience On Mobile

Our self-serve mobile ad netowrk enables clients to purchase inventory from the ReklamStore’s mobile ad network and all major mobile RTB exchanges using a single, world class interface.

Advanced Targeting Options

Partnering with hundreds of mobile apps and mobile publishers, we offer various data targeting options to advertisers to reach millions of users through mobile apps and websites.

Easy to Create, Manage and Monitor

ReklamStore’s self – serve mobile ad network has a user-friendly interface. Advertisers and publishers can use real time reporting options to measure and improve campaign performance.

Drive brand engagement

Brands have complex goals when it comes to mobile. While large-scale awareness is important, real user engagement is key for a better LTV. InMobi makes brand engagement at scale possible with advanced mobile data sciences.

Remarket your mobile users

Converting a newly acquired customer into a high-value shopper through remarketing is both an art and a science.

By engaging with mobile users across different stages of the lifecycle based on persona, context and product affinity, we help you cross-sell, re-target & re-activate users with personalized recommendations.

What is innovative targeting?

ReklamStore focuses

on advanced data targeting

options for its advertisers

to easily reach the right

audience with the right

ad model by analysing

online users’ demographics,

interest and behaviours.

With our mobile targeting technology, we log every single action of our 5 million unique users. So we don’t just come up with people who “may” purchase the promoted product.

We can point out people who have already purchased it from a rival company. 100 premium mobile apps. A huge variety of target groups.

Bank customers, credit card holders, İstanbulers, Berliners, online shoppers, drivers, students, bloggers or maybe even Jazz lovers.

Here are some of the innovative targeting options we offer;


  • Ambient temperature
  • Ambient light
  • Battery level of the device
  • GSM operator
  • Internet connection type
  • Location of mobile device’s user
  • Car ownership (drivers)

Become a Mobile Publisher

Mobile Web Projects

Do you have a website which gathers traffic from mobile devices? It’d be great to join our publisher pool to make money from your mobile visitor.

Performance Based

ReklamStore is an holistic approach in its all expertises. Just like mobile affiliate. You can monetize with performance based advertising campaigns.

Push Notification

For app publishers, push notifications are a way to speak directly to a user. Push notifications provide convenience and value to app users.

In - App Ads

Use in-app advertising to show ads from tones of advertisers and access programmatic demand, or use ReklamStore’s mobile ad network.

Our customers say: Mobile First!

“On mobile devices, you have to deliver the information to the users as fast as you can. Users do not want to wait and if you didnt make the right targeting, you cannot get the expected results. Thanks to ReklamStore’s strong publisher network and targeting skills, we will get satisfactory results on reaching our targets.”

Deniz Devrim Cengiz

Dijital Bankacılık Grup Direktörü, CepteTeb

“We achieved successful results for our KPI’s by running several alternative campaigns for both our mobile applications and web site. We also have the chance to make performance optimizations in order to get the best results in our campaigns thanks to our collaboration with our account managers.”

Simge Özgünay

Pazarlama ve Satış Yöneticisi, Siberalem

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Product Manager, Arçelik

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Founder, Globamobi

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