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Create your own tailored audience and target them via Appnexus, Adform, Doubleclick etc.

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Discover Your Real Target Audience & Engage

Once your marketing strategies identify the target audience for your products, you can use equally targeted advertising to deliver the right promotional messages to prospective buyers.

Maximise Click Trough Rates On Your Campaigns

Your customers are constantly sending signals about what they’re interested in and what they can be persuaded to buy. Track those signals and act on them via our DMP.

Create Your Own Data Audience Segment

With ReklamStore’s DMP technology advertisers can easily segment their target audience based on visits, search, operating system, loaction, device, frequency and much more.

Target Via Your Own Media Buying Platform

ReklamStore DMP allows advertisers and agencies to target our special data segments trough their own media buying platforms such as; Appnexus, Adform, Doubleclick etc.

Data - driven thinking

Today, many technology companies claim to offer Data Management Platforms (DMPs), although they often provide users with only the most basic functionalities. In the most basic sense, DMPs collect raw data points from various sources, and convert them into insights and analytics, making the data actionable.

Segment and target specific audiences

ReklamStore’s DMP technology enables marketers analyze and interpret their own first-party data to understand their target customers’ behaviors and improve accuracy on purchase. Its full-comprehensive components allow marketers to segment and easily target specific audiences.

Whitepaper: A Closer Look To ReklamStore DMP

What’s ReklamStore’s DMP technology? Important characteristics of our DMP and how we collect data? What are the main segments of data?

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Discover the power of data driven advertising!

Data rules… Content may be king in media, but in advertising, it is data.

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